Homophobia: a Subject At The Center Of All Controversies

When we hear homophobia, this word indicates the aversion, even the hatred of homosexuality and homosexuals. Discover in detail everything you need to know about this phenomenon.

Hatred towards homosexuals: many people are victims of violence


Some people abdicate the fact that two people of the same sex can love each other. It is against nature. They refuse to accept the situation and seek ways to exclude homosexuals from society.

This phenomenon exists on the Internet, in schools, on the street, and even in families where parents no longer want to talk to their homosexual children.

The different levels of homophobia

1. Personal homophobia

It is manifested by insults or verbal violence. A person is convinced that homosexuals are abnormal.

2. Language homophobia

It manifests itself in the form of insults, defamation, sarcasm, and the use of vocabulary that completely devalues homosexuality and homosexuals.

3. Institutional Homophobia


These are laws or regulations that exclude homosexuals from society. In some Arab countries, such as Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, homosexuality can lead to the death penalty.

4. Social and cultural homophobia

This is when cultural or religious norms value heterosexuality over homosexuality.

5. Homophobia of homosexuals

As a result of prejudice and social norms, homophobes lose confidence in themselves and no longer assume their homosexual status. This is what we usually call internalized homophobia. To hide their sexuality from their peers and family, queer people bully other queer people into hiding their sexuality; it is a defense mechanism to protect themselves.

Fear of queer people, why?


The natural order requires that the male and the female must be together. But homophobes feel that women should not neglect their nature, which is to be attractive, have children, and take care of the house. The same is true for men who refuse to dominate women. This is the difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality. Indeed, the male homosexual describes a feminine, submissive, fragile man who questions society centered on male domination. As for female homosexuality, it is the questioning of female submission and assimilation, which neglects the role of the man to procreate.

The impact of homophobia on young people

It is difficult to establish data regarding youth and homosexuality since adolescence represents a period of uncertainty and uncertainty, especially regarding sexual orientation and affirmation as gay or straight. Young people represent a vulnerable population when they discover they are different, living in an environment where they are building their identity.

Homophobia is expressed directly or indirectly in physical, moral, or symbolic ways. It creates a feeling of guilt and shame in the victims.

Sexual health in a homophobic environment


The difficulty of living in a homophobic environment promotes anxiety and discomfort. Indeed, it has been shown to increase risk-taking by homosexuals. The choice of young homosexuals is characterized in a general context of not talking freely about their sexual and affective life with their family, relatives, adults, etc. As a result, most of them live discreetly so as not to be judged.

As for women, those who have had homosexual relations in their lives declare that they entered into sexuality much earlier than others. The impact of heteronormativity pushes lesbians to have their first time with a person of the opposite sex. On the other hand, no one is obliged to talk about their sexual orientation. But in a health follow-up, it seems necessary.

To say or not to say depends entirely on the trust of the persons concerned towards the interlocutors. However, there is a concern among young people when they are in contact with a family doctor, fearing that the doctor will know the truth. To avoid worrying about possible discomfort or discrimination, some people simply refuse to see a doctor.

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