Tips for consulting a free lawyer

To resolve specific family problems and disputes, it is often preferable to consult a lawyer. Indeed, this professional has the necessary skills to help you solve all your concerns related to the legal field. But, very often, a lawyer’s fees can be expensive and not accessible to everyone. To help you out, this article offers some tips on how to get a lawyer for free.

Go to the courthouse.


Although not obvious, there are many ways you can get free legal advice. The first tip is to use the courthouse. Indeed, these types of establishments bring together several professionals such as lawyers, magistrates, local elected officials, etc. So, when you have a problem related to the legal sector, you can make a request to this type of establishment.


In return, they will analyze your request and will be able to assign you a suitable lawyer. You should know that the houses of justice and law only offer amicable settlements. Since this does not require a great deal of expertise, the intervention of the lawyer you have been assigned will not incur any costs. However, this free service will not prevent the lawyer from handling your case correctly.

Opt for the departmental centers for access to the law


The departmental centers for access to the law can also help you contact a lawyer for free. These centers are actually public organizations whose objective is to inform the population about their rights and duties. Being under the court’s president, this body gathers mainly lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, etc. Thus, when you have problems, ask your lawyers for advice.

The lawyers of these types of centers will be of great help to you in non-jurisdictional procedures and legal acts. Since this is their function, they will be able to respond favorably to your request without taking any money from you. In order to receive a good service, you only need to bring all the necessary information and documents that will facilitate the work of the lawyers.

Go to the town halls and courts.


In addition to the above tips, you can also consult a lawyer free of charge through the town halls and courts. Indeed, some city halls and courts offer the possibility to talk with professional lawyers. You should know that the lawyer’s intervention will only be brief here. So you should be succinct in what you say if you want to get the most advice.


To be sure that the city hall offers such a deal, you just have to go to their website to check the contact details and public information. You should necessarily see a mention in the listings that speaks of the possibility of free consultations with a lawyer at the city hall. If not, you will have to discern that the city hall does not offer this possibility. You can turn to the district courts or the supreme courts in this case.

Turn to your insurance policy.


If the above tips do not work, you can simply use the privileges of your insurance contract. Indeed, in most of the insurance contracts you subscribe to, legal assistance is always recommended in the clauses. This precaution allows you to settle any legal problems or disputes that may arise. The insurance contract often assigns you a professional lawyer to ensure that these legal problems are properly handled.

Since they are involved in your insurance case, the lawyer can help you resolve certain situations free of charge. For example, if your home is substandard and the landlord refuses to make renovations, you can call on your lawyer. Similarly, if you pay for a product on the Internet that is not delivered, you can also call on the lawyer in question without spending any money.

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