How to Prove Moral Harassment in Public Service?

Problems of moral harassment are often recurrent situations in the civil service. Recognized as a sad reality, this practice affects both women and men; however, according to statistics, it mostly plagues women like in most cases of harassment. In certain circumstances, these cases of harassment affect the victims and can cause them enough harm (loss of work, depression, etc.). Therefore, it is imperative that the victims denounce their aggressors. But, how can they prove that they are being harassed? Answers in the article.

Establishing a presumption of acts constituting moral harassment


When you are a victim of harassment, it is often difficult to convince others of your situation. Nevertheless, there are some tricks you can use to get out of it. To prove that you are being harassed, the first thing to do is to establish a presumption of acts constituting harassment by providing evidence. Indeed, the presumption of constitutive acts works as a document that allows a supposed third person to persecute you.

In order for this document to be valid and considered, the evidence provided must be rational. To check the authenticity of your evidence, you can consult a labor lawyer like Laurent Toubale in Blois. He is also a specialist in nationality and foreigners’ law. But if the evidence is not consistent, it is very likely that the harasser will get away with it. However, if your harasser cannot prove their innocence after establishing the presumption of acts, you still have every chance to prove your case of harassment.

Talking about your colleagues’ testimonies


If the presumption of acts lead was unsuccessful, you could also rely on the testimony of your co-workers to charge your stalker. But, before talking about testimonies, you should first speak to the people you work with about the situation. Once they are aware of your problem, they will be better able to monitor your stalker and confirm what you are saying.

In addition to colleagues, your loved ones can also help you testify against your stalker. This way, if the case goes to court, your co-workers can easily testify against your employer or the alleged harasser. By telling your colleagues about your problem, you may also have the chance to meet one of your stalker’s victims. This person will be able to understand you better and provide solid testimony to incriminate your persecutor.

Record your stalker without altering them


When you simply want to prove that you are being harassed, you can also record your employer or tormentor without their knowledge. This strategy is very practical and can help you confirm your accusations. To do this, you simply need to trigger the audio recorder of your smartphone before entering the office of the person who is harassing you. Thus, throughout your discussion, it is very likely that the stalker will make comments that could compromise him.

Thanks to your smartphone, you will be able to collect these words and present them to the person who doubts you. Moreover, you can use them to force your stalker to stop. However, it is essential to note that these recordings are evidence that is not always valid before a judge. In fact, although the evidence is irrefutable, the act of recording someone (without their knowledge) in order to incriminate them is perceived as unfair.

Gathering Written Evidence of Harassment


To prove that your employer is harassing you, you also have the option of gathering written evidence that confirms your harassment. As written evidence, you can collect emails and text messages sent by your harasser. By reading such messages, the court of appeal will easily be able to approve your accusations and convict the stalker. If your smartphone has the “record my calls” feature, you can also activate it to use the calls as evidence.

Apart from these, you can also use other more palpable documents. For example, if your employer cuts your salary or takes away bonuses, you can present your payslip as evidence. This document is robust evidence, especially if you are doing your job well. Putting together this set of written documents would make it easier for you to show that you are being harassed.

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