Writing a Prenup Without Ruining Your Relationship

You have been thinking about bringing the topic of the prenuptial agreement to your partner, as you are both thinking about marriage. Some people negatively think about a prenup, while some do not even think about it, but prenup is important in protecting you and your partner.

What Is A Prenup?

A prenuptial agreement specifies what assets—such as money, investments, and real estate—each of you bring to the marriage, how these assets will be handled during the marriage, and what will happen to them if you divorce.

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 A prenuptial agreement isn’t just for the rich. Other scenarios in which a prenuptial agreement can be useful, according to Chaudhry, include when neither you nor your partner is bringing any money into the marriage at the outset. If either of you expects to inherit assets in the future, or if you or your spouse operate a small business, a prenuptial agreement may benefit.

However, people see prenups as a lack of commitment to the marriage, as if you are getting married, but you are preparing yourself if ever you get a divorce, but it is more like a safety net.

Prenup – A Good Thing

While it seems hard to address that topic, you do not have to make it harder. Remember that prenups do not always address financial topics only; it addresses everything for the future, like career, children or family matters.

These are all sensitive topics, and if addressed well before the marriage, it can be an advantage and even solidify the bond. Talking about these also bring openness to your couple, and you will not be afraid of addressing a single topic after that. This is yet another benefit; communication will be ongoing, which will help you during a tough time.

If you cannot address financial issues with your partner, you should not get married- it is as simple as that. Because money is omnipresent, forget about the prenups; if you have different spending habits and your partner is having financial difficulties, you should not picture your future together if you cannot sit down and talk about it. Yes, marriage involves love and emotions, but it is mainly a legal arrangement; some people forget about everything that marriage may bring, that is why many marriages fail.

Apart from the legal side, relationship experts have confessed that prenups can bring partners together in a closer bond, involving a level of sensitivity and vulnerability.

How To Address The Prenup Topic

If you have a hard time addressing this topic, we have gathered some tips that can help you…

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1. Let It Be A Conversation

To address this topic, you should make it appear as a demand that your partner may reject, nor should it be something that you force onto them; it should be like a conversation and something that you would have normally addressed.

Do not think about everything beforehand; give yourself time to talk about each subject together and decide on what you both want. You should both create the agreement and not come to them with a fully made one.

2. Time

You should start the conversation early, as soon as you plan to get married. Do not wait weeks before the marriage, as if you will casually drag the topic in the middle of your honeymoon conversation.

This will allow them time to think about everything and thus have a more relaxed conversation. Starting this conversation weeks before your marriage will only invite frustration, and I can assure you that it is the worst time ever.

Finally, the prenuptial agreement should represent your and your prospective spouse’s wishes while also safeguarding each of you in the case of a divorce. In the comments, let us know what you think about signing a prenup…

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