Top 4 Reasons To Conduct Thorough Background Check Before Hiring Someone

Employers who conduct background checks on their candidates want to confirm certain information about them to ensure that they will fit in well with the company and do not pose a risk to their organization. So if you are among the most serious candidates for a job opening, the hiring manager may want to check your background before hiring you.

Your work experience, education, references, identity, criminal record, or any checks relevant to the position you have applied for may be reviewed as part of this process. If you are serious about getting the job, you should be adequately prepared for this. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about background checks.

1. Make sure your resume and online information is up to date


For a candidate who knows he or she will be the subject of a background check, the first thing to do is to update your resume and make sure it contains only accurate information. More and more candidates are not shy about enhancing details on their resumes such as dates of employment or position titles, but you should be aware that this information will be checked during a background check.

Lying about your professional and academic background, even if it seems like a trivial exaggeration, can be a determining factor in disqualifying you for the position. Instead, you should be very accurate when listing your degrees, professional titles, or the titles of positions you have held and the responsibilities you have had.

Even falsifying your dates of employment is a serious mistake, causing your application to lose value and damaging your reputation. You should also pay special attention to your LinkedIn profile. Indeed, hiring managers often check the personal profiles of candidates on social networks. So make sure the information on your profile matches the information you submitted on your resume.

2. Prepare your references for the background check process

As part of a background check process, potential employers will mostly ask for references from managers or supervisors. So to make sure everything goes smoothly, you should be able to provide a few different references that meet the employer’s requirements.

The best way to ensure that the references contacted will provide relevant information is to submit the names of people you have worked with recently so that they can answer questions geared toward your current abilities and performance. Of course, it can be helpful to ensure that your references agree to be contacted before submitting their names to a potential employer.

3. Be transparent about your criminal history


If you have a criminal record or a blemish on your driving record, you should ask about the information you will be required to disclose. For example, you will need to disclose crimes for which you have been convicted, but not those for which you have been officially pardoned.

In Canada, you should not disclose charges for which you have not been convicted. If you have a criminal record, it is sometimes best to be direct, talk to your recruiter about it and explain the circumstances. Otherwise, expect to be asked some questions about it.

4. Be aware of your rights regarding background checks

Background checks conducted by reputable organizations protect both employers and prospective employees. In any case and for any type of check, you should sign a consent form that clearly explains the different checks that will be done and who will have access to the information collected.

For example, an employer or a verification company should not ask questions related to private life (health and family situation). In the event that one of your references does provide this type of information, the potential employer will not be allowed to use it in their decision making.

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