I Lost My Wallet: What Should I Do?

Losing a wallet is often a disaster for the person who lost it. Simply because it is the guardian of your means of payment (cash, checkbook and bank card) and of your personal belongings. In case of loss, it is imperative to act as soon as possible so that it cannot fall into the wrong hands. But what to do?

Report the Loss of Your Bank Card

Contact your bank if you have lost your wallet with your bank card and have not found it. This way, the card will be blocked immediately, and you can easily replace it. You have up to 2 days to stop payment on your card. However, once this period has expired, the bank will hold you responsible for all purchases. Report the loss of your card to the police station

Your wallet contains your identification, such as your driver’s license, ID card, or health insurance card. You must go to the police station to report it if it is lost. On the other hand, a declaration of theft is more appropriate if it has been stolen.

Then make a detailed declaration of the stolen or lost files with the police. This way, you can take the necessary precautions if someone uses your papers. This will also make it easier to take the steps required to replace your lost or stolen documents.

Do Some Research

The first thing you should do after filing the lost or stolen report is to do some research. Unless you think it was stolen. You have, for example, 2 days to shift a stolen bank card without having to pay a fee. Take advantage of this time to find it. During this time:

  • Contact all the places you have been in the last 24 hours to ask if anyone has found your wallet;
  • Search everywhere: in your car, in your bags, in your house, etc. ;
  • Go to all the places where it should be, such as under furniture.
  • In case of theft, you can hire a dog agent.

Reconstitute Your Wallet

This step consists of making a list of all the things that were in your wallet. This includes not only your driver’s license, your bank card, your ID card, your library cards, your discount cards, your transportation cards, etc. This is because these cards could easily give access to your belongings to someone with bad intentions.

Ask for New Identity Documents

Finding a lost or stolen wallet is always tricky, especially if it contains vital information. In this case, it is advisable to request new documents, such as:

A New National Identity Card

This is the most crucial document, so you should start by requesting a new one. However, you have to declare the loss to the competent service (at the prefecture, town hall, or public service center) and they will issue the new identity card.

A New Driver’s License

To obtain a new license, you must bring a photo ID, your email address, your cell phone number, a supporting document (such as a proof of address), etc. Nowadays, you just have to apply online, and that’s it.

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