Why Should You Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Road accidents can happen at any time. Whether you are a victim or at fault, the cases can vary from one version to another. Thus, it is essential to hire a lawyer to defend your interests. In this article, you will find the benefits of doing so.

A Lawyer Helps You to Do the Right Thing

After you have been in a car accident, call a lawyer immediately. He or she will tell you what to do first at the scene of the accident. He or she will advise you to identify the cause and the person responsible by collecting evidence. He will also ask you to take the contact information of witnesses if there are any and then take detailed photos of the scene, the damaged vehicles, and the surrounding road signs. In the event of a severe accident causing bodily injury, notify emergency services and law enforcement.

Once the scene procedures are complete, request an appointment with your attorney, especially a public defender. After reviewing the evidence collected, he or she will walk you through the rest of the case. If you are at fault in the matter, he or she will be able to prepare you for a liability claim against you.

A Lawyer Searches for Evidence of the Accident

A lawyer does not just look at the evidence you bring to him. He or she will gather the other elements of the accident to defend you in the case better. To do this, contact a traffic lawyer, as he or she can:

  • evaluate your share of responsibility in the accident;
  • analyze your insurance contracts
  • study the police reports;
  • review initial medical evidence.

After that, he can determine the best strategy to direct the case: either by the amicable way or by the claim for damages. The choice will depend on your share of responsibility in the accident.

A Lawyer Protects You Before Insurers

Generally, people victims of road accidents appeal to their insurance companies. However, your interests may not be defended if you do not call upon a lawyer specialized in insurance. Indeed, the insurer will propose a compensation offer within three months following the accident declaration.

However, if both parties are registered with the same insurance company, this offer will be underestimated. The lawyer intervenes at this stage and refuses the compensation proposal. Thus, a re-evaluation of the price of the vehicle can take place to increase the value of the offer. If not, he can negotiate a new insurance contract on your behalf.

However, if he or she cannot convince the insurer, he or she can take the case to court. If you are the victim, you may be able to obtain a higher compensation offer than the insurance company.

A Lawyer Assists You With the Medical Expertise

Medical expertise is initiated for victims of road accidents. For this purpose, he solicits his network of experts to serve you even better. Choosing a medical consultant appointed by your lawyer instead of the one attached to your insurance is advisable. Indeed, the latter will defend the insurance company’s interests rather than yours. In the other case, contradictory medical expertise will take place to evaluate the prejudices better. Moreover, the lawyer can choose the specialty of the medical advisor according to your case.

Once the summons for the medical expertise is in your hands, the lawyer will help you prepare. He or she will also teach you medical jargon and how to express your concerns. But don’t worry, he will be by your side on the day of the expertise.

A Lawyer Represents You at Trial

It is possible that the case will be brought before the courts with a contentious procedure. In this case, the lawyer will represent and defend your interests during the legal proceedings, especially if you are disabled. You can also obtain a civil suit and an agreement with the insurer.

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